Leonardo Creations

genesis of a brand

Everything that happens is a consequence of something that has previously happened, and so history, even more our intimate existence therefore, is a succession of events apparently isolated, but held together by a common thread that is our history.

Techniques, values and world vision change, but the essence of art, that expressed by creativity and passion, remains the same: Leonardo Creations has been conceived for the will to enrich our contemporary life with shapes, materials and craftsmanship coming from our tradition and that have represented a source for pride for our company. It is the reinterpretation of the tradition in a modern way, where Living, assumed as the
aesthetic dimension of living, is its result and at the same time the essence of that liveliness, of that creative and exuberant energy represented by Made in Italy. Determination in pursuing with obstinacy the innovative drive, the continuously desire to face new scenarios, the brilliance of ideas, can only be explained by passion. The only one that manages to motivate constant research, work and effort.